Education / Skills

Education / Skills

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Northfield School: 1989 – 2001

Grades: GCSE Maths: D

Manor CE School: 1998-2001

Grades: English GCSE – C

York College: 2001 – Current

Grades: GNVQ Intermedia I.C.T. – Distinction

Nation Diploma in Media Publishing – Distinction, Distinction, Merit


I.C.T./Layout: My first strength that I identified from a young age is that of my I.C.T. skills. I have a strong working knowledge of Quark, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. This will allow me to focus on the more creative aspects. If I am unsure of how to do something I am fairly competent at finding the information required. As I have always had a keen interest in I.T. in general it has been something that has progressed over the years. I have made magazines, flyers, websites, and leaflets. A lot of this started when I was rather young. At the age of 14 I was producing a magazine named MFA (Magazine For All) for the school newspaper. I was the editor and had a full say on what went in the magazine. The layout, images and some articles were all my own work. Although I didn’t have professional software at the time it allowed me to gather the skills necessary and it was something I enjoyed. I am always very happy finding out new things in terms of I.C.T. so I don’t really think there’s a limit as to what I could achieve.

Logically Minded and Problem Solving: I feel that it is my job to fix any problems related to I.T.. I do most of the work that needs to be done on our home network. If programs are not running or the computer is crashing I do my best to find the route of the problem. The Internet plays a major part in my ability to learn. As the chances that someone else has had a similar one to your own is very high. I find it fairly easy to understand and respond to technical instructions. This is something that has been built on over the years. The more experience I have with software and hardware the more my knowledge grows.

Ability to learn new things: When I find a subject that I enjoy I find it very difficult to let it go until I have a very broad understanding. I get very inspired by new things and it is this interest that gets the job done.

Motivation/Interest: I always have high motivation levels when it comes to doing something I enjoy. Although I do find it extremely difficult to do something I either have very little knowledge of, or lack of interest. When a job needs to be done though, I will do it and to the best of my ability

Drama: As I’ve taken part in drama for over 12 years. This has boosted my confidence considerably, so I am not afraid to speak out in front of a group. I am able to think on the spot in presentations and not become flustered when questions are asked of me.

Leader: When it comes to being a part of a team I do like to be at the heart of discussions. I like to put my opinion forward even though I may only be the one who shares that view. Having these leadership skills allows me to make decisions quickly but taking into consideration many possibilities.

Perfectionist: I like to take attention to detail when producing any form of work. I hate anything being a few millimetres out of place where I think it should be. This is how I’ve always been and especially when I made my own magazine for the school newspaper. When the work is done it gives me complete satisfaction that I put my heart and sole into it.

Approachable/Good Listener: This I think is probably one of the most vital skills to have. I am always willing to help people with problems and give advice. It gives me pleasure to do so.

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